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In our company or at the customer we meet with the client and then talk about the concept of the Job to be done. As a result we work out the details from the concepts-phase up to the design-phase of the end product(-s).
Products can come in all sizes, from small to big. The volumes range from customized to mass-produced. Products are already made for end users in the consumerelectronic market, the automotive market and the hightech mechatronic market segments.
Software at the Clients workspace can be used internally at the costomers enterprise (f.e. Unigraphics NX, etc). Working from home belongs to the possibilities.
If the client wishes so, we could act as mediator or do different assignments up till a near-finished product. This could mean sketching, construction, detailing product drawings (2D or 3D) for the sale or for the workshop division. This f.e. to make it possible to sell and manufacture the product. Part of the job could be consulting and guiding in the assembly of prototypes. A feasibility and reliability study. Check out for good production methods and advising in tool-producers, leading a team and many more are possibilities.
Communication in the English and the German language is no problem, verbally as well as in writing. You can download the résumé along with various pictures through this link.

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